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Singer, Teacher, Composer, Coach, Dad, Gamer, and More...

Hello, my name is Eric Hanson, and I am a human trying to being. Also a member of the species referred to by Johan Huizinga as homo ludens, or human playing (instead of homo sapien or human knowing).

Life is play.

Through this brief time I’ve had on the planet so far, I’ve leveled up a bit at several things, and like any good gamer, would love to share.

I’m a pretty high level singer & teacher, I like to compose, play video games, coach & play soccer, talk all things Star Wars (& modern mythology in general), explore faith & faithfulness in the 21st century, am fascinated by the incredible programmable nature of the mind, love movies & film scores, and have the most incredible family.

I certainly haven’t leveled up completely in any of those things - I have a lot of this game left and many skills to improve. The main storyline has no end in sight (though you never really know, right?), and I LOVE a good side quest.

More than anything, I love to Make GOOD Stuff.

Good in terms of high quality (at least eventually), and good in terms of, well, good. Uplifting, good for us, that kind of thing.

This website is being transformed into a multimedia, shareable, game journal. And like any good adventure  I’m going to need your help. I’d like to share my journey - past, present, and future - and I would love your help in determining what to share. As we go, there will only be a tab or two at the top of this page, and I will keep adding organically around my interests & desires, motivated by your feedback.

I believe in us.

If each of us shares in our journeys together and truly seeks to understand one another, we can all start to level up together. I’d like to be a part of that. I want to follow your journey as well - so let’s build this community and learn together.

Oh, and yes, this website address represents one part of my journey - And I’ll just live here for now and see where it takes me, and/or until I save the $5k to purchase…

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Drop me a line and let me know what you think is/isn't working on this site, and what other things you'd like me to share/discuss.

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